Halle Joseph Maigrot © INSEP

Sport facilty - Indoor

Halle Joseph Maigrot

One of the most iconic buildings at INSEP, built in the 1960s and inaugurated in 1965 by Charles de Gaulle.

Presentation :

Total surface area

9100 m2

Disciplines accommodated


  • A three-lane 340m track
  • A nine-lane 100m track
  • A four-lane 166.66m banked oval
  • A nine-lane sprint and hurdles track (50m and 60m)
  • A five-lane 100m and 110m sprint track
  • Two high jump pits
  • Two pole vault pits
  • Three jumping pits (long jump and triple jump)
  • Two shot put throwing circles
  • 10 firing lanes (modern pentathlon)
  • A weights area
  • A 563.21m2 physical rehabilitation zone
  • A balneotherapy area with two cold baths and a jacuzzi
  • A grandstand
  • A 166.66m velodrome