Medical research

Created on INSEP’s initiative, the French-speaking sports medicine research network (ReFORM) is made up of five medical centres from five French-speaking countries (France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium and Canada).

These centres are renowned for their scientific and medical expertise in injury prevention and health protection for athletes, and ReFORM was accredited as an IOC research centre in December 2018. Backed by this recognition, INSEP has launched innovative long-term research programmes on illness and injury prevention, including in-depth research on epidemiology, risk factors and injury mechanisms, benefiting all the elite athletes who train each day in the French national hubs at centres from the Greater INSEP network.

Through INSEP’s economic interest group (GIE) focused on medical imaging, INSEP is able to count on cutting-edge equipment with the Ingenia 1.5T MRI system, which is today helping develop a clinical research section within the Medical division, in partnership with the SEP laboratory. The whole-body cryotherapy chamber (WBC) with three compartments (-10°, -60° and -110°C) also makes it possible to refine and validate competition preparation and recovery protocols.