Integrating all areas of expertise

The medical hub offers elite athletes consultations across a dozen different specialities provided by the numerous specialists working in the establishment, including orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, gynaecologists, cardiologists, radiologists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, emergency physicians, physiotherapists, psychologists and podiatrists.

Headed by Sébastien le Garrec, the hub works in collaboration with the various services and experts at INSEP, especially on research and teaching projects. This way, doctors and paramedical staff, as well as coaches and sporting and technical advisors, can benefit from the work undertaken.

The medical hub carries out the mandatory tests for the elite athletes listed on ministerial registers. These exams are conducted by doctors from both INSEP and the national teams. The hub is also involved in a range of actions to prevent illness and injury among athletes, including advice on living a healthy lifestyle, eating a suitable diet and avoiding performance enhancing drugs.

The cutting-edge expertise developed within the hub enables INSEP to host doctors from France and around the world and offer support in their specialisation of sports medicine. In addition, student nurses and physiotherapists are able to complete their end-of-course internships at INSEP.

To offer the best medical care and ensure our elite athletes stay in good health, the medical hub operates a number of interdependent services, including

  • preventive measures 
  • a drop-in medical service
  • a health care and dental treatment centre
  • a physiotherapy unit
  • rehabilitation services
  • medical imaging services.