Sponsorship and patronage

Drawing on the momentum created by the Olympic Games that will be held in Paris in 2024, INSEP launched an extensive fundraising programme in 2019, which includes a separate component for patronage and sponsorship.

  • Sponsorship includes Top partners, official partners and technical sponsors.
  • Patrons provide financial support, specific skills or support in kind on structural projects relating to the environment, data and digital technology, scientific and medical research, or the development of innovative infrastructure. 

The programme is designed to incorporate people-oriented values that primarily focus on supporting athletes. In this way, companies and individuals can join the cause and uphold the institute’s ambition to offer high quality and effective programmes to further elite sport in France. When you become a partner of INSEP, you are supporting sport across the whole of France and the national teams through its fundamental values.

  • EXCELLENCE: The optimal expression of potential in sport, education and work for each athlete and each coach. One of the ultimate goals of the services provided by INSEP.
  • HARDWORK: Self-sacrifice, perseverance and over achievement are essential values shared by coaches, agents and athletes, forming the basis of the constant quest for excellence.
  • COOPERATION: Teamwork and solidarity are two key principles that underpin the work of INSEP, which is built on a strong culture of community spirit and cooperation between talent at every level.
  • ETHICS: Safeguarding the physical and mental health of athletes, as well as passing on fundamental values and sporting ethics, constantly remain at the forefront of everything at INSEP.




Become a technical sponsor, official partner or top partner and put your skills and expertise behind INSEP to align your brand with one of the world’s leading training centres and multi-disciplinary education establishments. 

Sponsorship allows a brand or advertiser to create a platform for itself through sport to bolster its support, boost recognition, develop a market through the values held by the institute, sport and athletes. This association will grant brands certain rights that help them to communicate with their prospective clients, existing clients and employees. 

INSEP has therefore developed an innovative marketing programme split across three levels that enables each company to get involved in this incredible Olympic journey that will benefit communities and society as a whole. 



When you become a patron of INSEP, you are helping to support elite sporting excellence through three core projects  : 

  • Digital innovation and data
  • Scientific and medical research
  • Infrastructure 


Why become a patron of INSEP ? 

  • You actively focus on science and public health
  • You are passionate about performance and technological innovation
  • You wish to help spread the knowledge acquired by INSEP and raise the profile of elite sport in France across the world
  • You excel in innovation
  • You see education as a priority

When you come on board with INSEP, you join the most extensive patronage campaign in French sport and support an officially registered non-profit organisation. 


To thank you for support, INSEP offers you the opportunity to: 

  • UNITE your employees through sporting activities
  • RAISE AWARENESS among your teams about the importance of sporting health
  • ATTEND the Champions Evening at INSEP
  • ENJOY exclusive access to INSEP premises