Sports courses

The cutting-edge technology at INSEP allows all Olympic and Paralympic federations in French sport to train in optimum conditions. Certain federations have signed multi-year training agreements with the institute.

Any professional clubs in France and abroad, regional leagues and international federations seeking to take advantage of INSEP’s expertise are also able to benefit from the infrastructure and skills within the institute. Over time, the teams at INSEP have developed a qualitative approach that works for elite athletes, offering them the best possible conditions to reach their peak performance, irrespective of the length of their stay at the institute. For athletes attending short courses, INSEP seeks to systematically provide the most suitable accommodation and catering solutions. A number of services are available on request, including the concierge, balneotherapy, bodybuilding, laundry service, specialist equipment and on-site transport.



Many athletes competing at national and international level are keen to work with INSEP for the expertise of its teams, the range of specialisations, the quality of the equipment (which meets the standards of many different sports) as well as the suitability of the catering service (nutritional quality) and accommodation. They come to complete their preparation, for medical care or even physical rehabilitation sessions.



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