Accommodation & catering

INSEP has 70 single and double standard comfort rooms (equipped with TV, WiFi, shower and fridge) available throughout the year for short stay vistors to the institute. Located at the heart of the elite athletes’ living quarters, these modern rooms offer a spectacular view over the Bois de Vincennes and enjoy a lot of natural light. They allow guests to get a good night’s sleep, which is essential to staying in top physical and mental condition.

INSEP has a vast range of catering options, including a self-service restaurant open for lunch and dinner (280 seats, not available for privatisation) to eat alongside the athletes, a brasserie and a VIP lounge for sit-down meals or cocktail receptions of between 10 to 100 people (table service provided by INSEP caterers). The PARIS 1900 room can also be used to host dinners and cocktail receptions for between 100 and 400 guests. The room is fitted with audiovisual equipment, meaning it can serve as either a meeting room or a reception room.