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From the lab to the field, how are sport sciences daily organized to support Elite Athletes? How do sport scientists apply science to impact sport performance? Organized by the lab Sport, Expertise and Performance, our next webinar will take place on 25th March 2021 at 10 a.m (UTC+1) on the following topic "Olympic campus: boosting sport performance through the art of applied science ".

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The aim of this conference will be to share models of scientific support for elite athletes set up in various countries around the world. This conference will also be an opportunity to discuss the link between research and coaching with athletes and its impact on training practices.

Five international well-recognized expert in the topic of sport science will present their approach to sports performance:

  • Dr. Adam Storey (Lead Strength and Conditioning Specialist for Emirates Team New Zealand and Canoe Racing New Zealand) will discuss some of the research that he is currently leading at AUT University’s Sports Performance Research Institute (New Zealand) and how it influences the athletes and teams that he works with. Specific topics will include athlete testing and monitoring methods and the prescription of eccentric quasi-isometric muscle contractions.
  • Katsuyoshi Shirai (Manager, Intelligence group Operational Excellence Unit, Japan High Performance Sport Center) will present how Sport Information boost scientific support in sport.
  • Dr. Nikolaï Boehlke (Coordinator Performance Services, Olympic Training Centre Berlin) will give an overview of the different institutions offering support in the German sport system, highlighting which strategic and operational mechanisms are in place to achieve the goal of providing integrated and performance-focused elite sport support services.  
  • Else-Marthe Sørlie Lybekk (Head of performance and R&D at Olympiatoppen, the Norwegian elite sport centre) will share the norwegian way to support athletes and coaches and how we integrate sport science in to this multidisciplinary work to further development.
  • Paul Wylleman (Performance Manager Performance behavior, TeamNL Experts) will present the vision, approach and working method of TeamNL with a perspective on supporting high-level athletes, teams and coaches and the associated scientific approach.



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