European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities

As part of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities (14th- 18th, November 2022), a large number of actions were organized at INSEP to highlight the inclusion of people with disabilities.

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On Monday, 14th and Tuesday, 15th November, a class of 14 students with mental disabilities, aged 16 to 20, from a medical and educational institute (IME), and people with disabilities taking part in the "Duoday" event, visited INSEP. The Duoday operation was also the occasion for some INSEP staff to introduce their binome for the day to their job and their working environment. This day focused on two major challenges:

  • Raising awareness of our teamworkers to the diversity of disability situations in the working world.
  • Giving people with disabilities the opportunity to clarify their professional project and potentially find their career path

The members of INSEP's general management actively took part in this day.

On Wednesday, 16th November, a video- report on the role played by one of our team colleagues, Arielle Dugast, as a foster home for guide dogs was broadcasted to the entire INSEP’s staff to raise their awareness to this cause supported by the « Ecole des Chiens Guides de Paris » association.

On Thursday, 17th November, various initiations dedicated to disability sports, such as blind football, para athletics and wheelchair basketball, were organized. The participants were enabled to meet some athletes with disabilities who shared with them their experiences, whether it was on their school, professional or sport career.

Last but not least, thanks to the INSEP agents and athletes’ donations, a toy secondhand trade took place on the last day. The benefits of this operation were donated to an association in favor of the inclusion of people with disabilities through sports. A specialised work-based support centre (ESAT) was also present to sell some items (bags, jewelries, paintings…) made by their workers with disabilities to promote their structure.