Initial training

To meet the recurring and emerging needs of high-level sports professionals from sports federations and implement the French Ministry of Sport’s educational training strategies, INSEP designs and develops a range of initial professional training programmes (DESJEPS) and university-level courses (master’s), helping identify technical staff who will have major responsibilities managing high-level sport in the near future.

  • The DESJEPS - higher diploma in youth, public education and sport – programme, specialised in “sports performance”, is organised with both Olympic and Paralympic Federations. This course develops the skills needed to design, manage and build expertise for sports performance optimisation and training programmes. It aims to train “performance project leaders” who coordinate and manage technical staff.
  • The Master’s in High-Level Performance and Sport Expertise is a sports science master’s (STAPS) programme, specialised in Performance Optimisation, and is offered on-site at INSEP in conjunction with and sponsored by Paris-Descartes University. This master’s programme trains performance analysts for sports training and performance project leaders for the federations. These students - and future professionals - will work at the crossroads between sports training and research to provide decision-making support for coaches, national technical directors and federation representatives. This master’s programme enables future high-performance staff to develop their scientific acculturation, combining the cultures of knowledge and behavioural skills, as well as their respective networks.