Two worlds, many similarities. INSEP and Institut Lyfe combine their excellence

On Friday January 12, 2024, Fabien Canu, Managing Director of INSEP, and Dominique Giraudier, Managing Director of Institut Lyfe (formerly Institut Paul Bocuse) announced the signature of an unprecedented educational collaboration agreement that will open up new training prospects for both top-level athletes and Lyon-based students.

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In the presence of Guillaume Gomez, Ambassador of French Gastronomy, and Davy Tissot, awarded « Chef Bocuse d'or », who will drive the project, the two institutes expressed their desire to build an unprecedented and strategic bridge between the world of gastronomy and top-level sport’s.

Training high-level athletes, a priority for INSEP

INSEP's top-level athletes will have a privileged access to the Institut Lyfe's specialized training courses, tailored to match their specific needs and demanding schedules. Similarly, the Institut Lyfe’s students and the teams based at the Center of Excellence in Gastronomy, due to open on the Institut Lyfe campus in early 2026, will have the opportunity to train alongside INSEP’s athletes, notably through immersion courses and preparation for the biggest national and international culinary competitions. Research and innovation are also at the heart of this collaboration, with the introduction of joint protocols in the field of sports nutrition to promote a healthy diet adapted to the needs of athletes.