Réseau grand INSEP

New labelling campaign 2021 - 2024: Ten centres already labelled for a grand INSEP label!

Since 2016, the Grand INSEP label has been a mark of quality for high-level training and education centres that meet the requirements of performance. This label is a promise made to athletes and federations as well as a commitment to continuous improvement to support athletes "wherever they live, wherever they train, wherever they prepare to win".

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Since January, the Grand INSEP network has opened its new labelling campaign for the period 2021 - 2024. Three "Label Committees" were therefore organised during the first half of the year, following audits carried out in the various candidate centres. The Label Committee of March 2021 took the strategic decision to abandon the gold, silver and bronze labeling levels. A single Grand INSEP label, which brings together more than it distinguishes, has been retained for the period 2021-2024! Ten centres have therefore entered the 2021-2024 labelling process, including seven founding members of the grand INSEP network and three new centres!

  • The CREPS of Bordeaux
  • The National Training Centre of the French Tennis Federation
  • The French Horse and Riding Institute
  • The Normandy Sports Centre - Caen site
  • The Regional Sports Centre of Alsace - Mulhouse
  • The CREPS of Nancy
  • The CREPS Centre - Val de Loire
  • The Youth Sports Centre of Corsica - Ajaccio
  • The CREPS of Wattignies
  • CREPS Île-de-France