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Mapping of professional actors in high performance sport: a new tool launched by INSEP and the Grand INSEP network

In August 2021, INSEP, in collaboration with the Grand INSEP network, will operationally launch a new tool at the service of high-level athletes, their managers and federations: an interactive mapping of professional actors in high-level sport.

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This new interactive tool allows the data collected on the Daily Athlete Monitoring Portal (PSQS) to be viewed and presents the services and performance support offered by the resource persons of the federations and centres of the Grand INSEP network.

The main objective of this tool is to better respond to the specific needs of high-level athletes and their managers, in order to better support them in their performance projects.

Thus, the mapping of professional contributors has the following objectives :

To measure more precisely the resources in high performance sport via a national picture

To update the offers available to the sports federations and the approved centres of the Grand INSEP network

  • By understanding the changes in the "job functions" identified
  • by responding to the need to increase skills in order to better support high-level athletes and their managers
  • By measuring the interactions between people and structures, in order to identify the key human resources of the large INSEP network

To do this, six fields of activity were selected: the physical dimension, the mental dimension, innovation-research, medical and paramedical, the daily life of the HNP, as well as the management, coordination and leadership of high performance.

Beyond the cartographic response, the analysis of the data offered by this tool actively participates in the animation of the Grand INSEP network by associating all the identified resource persons. The dissemination of the PSQS database and the application that allows for the interactive display of data contribute to the identification of resource persons in high performance sport in France by 2024.

The information will be enriched and updated in real time throughout the coming Olympiad; the ambition is thus to reference and pool a maximum number of resources available on the national territory, in the service of federal performance projects.