Distance learning

Since 2004, INSEP has been committed to opening up access to training programmes for elite athletes and senior sports managers any time of the day, week or year, and anywhere in the world. It has been working towards this challenge with the help of dedicated partners. INSEP’s athletes and sports support staff face various time management constraints with their educational activities. Their high-level sports development restricts their educational training times or moves them to unusual timeslots. INSEP wanted to make the educational programmes accessible for students through face-to-face classes or distance learning, at any time of the day, week or year. The open distance learning programme set up with the Internet and Intranet makes it possible to access the distance learning platform and its rich range of multimedia educational content, innovating to improve the day-to-day life of elite athletes. It is also very user-friendly and helps ensure success for sports management staff, whose day-to-day schedules are very busy.

Complementing traditional training solutions, it further strengthens their scope and increases their chances for success. The open distance learning programme enables students to access the know-how built up through the history of French sport, further enhanced with dedicated support from business and cultural stakeholders from the world of sport. A range of technological data can be integrated into the platform and learner progress can be tracked thanks to compliance with data processing standards.