Continuing professional development training

INSEP, a scientific, cultural and professional public institution (EPSCP), awards postgraduate professional qualifications: Executive Master’s (EM) programmes and specific certificates (CCS). These qualifications aim to develop professionals’ skills in their day-to-day missions.

The key goals are to:

  • prepare sports managers for high-level careers in elite sport
  • support them to start working, change missions and take on different responsibilities
  • contribute to the renewal of high-level sports managers

The continuing professional development programme is aimed primarily at high-level sports professionals, from the public and private sectors, as well as managers working in other business sectors and interested in issues relating to the elite sports performance environment.

This training programme can lead to official qualifications, including 3 Executive Masters based on a format of 30 to 40 days, as well as specific certificates with a more streamlined format (12 to 18 days). To adapt to professionals’ time constraints, 3-day modules covering specific subjects are organised.

Professional development days are also organised on specific subjects (day of coaching-support, session focused on individual performance, research leader day, heart rate variability, return-to-sport programmes, etc.), as well as a series of “Sport Culture” conferences covering key subjects relating to optimum sports performance with leading players from the high-performance sector.

INSEP offers a specific range of services with coaching support provided by part of the training team for French national teams and staff within the INSEP hubs.

9 modules are also offered:  

  • Getting to know yourself better to provide better support
  • Getting to know yourself better to manage your stress better
  • Getting to know yourself better to manage conflicts better
  • Getting to know yourself better to manage your energy better
  • Getting to know yourself better to communicate better
  • Getting to know yourself better to incorporate mental aspects
  • Body and coaching
  • Building individual programmes for elite athletes for their life plans
  • Building cooperation to manage life plans for elite athletes


2 specific certificates :

  • “Knowing how to act in individual and collective relationships”
  • “Performance and psychomotor profiles”


1 Executive Master's :

  • “Support staff for elite sports stakeholders” (EMA)

7 modules :   

  • Driving organisational changes
  • Developing federation resources, working towards a sports marketing approach
  • Managing a team with different profiles
  • Performing as a team
  • Analysing the federal context
  • Positioning yourself within the federal framework
  • Performing financial analysis


1 Executive Master :

  • “Trajectoire Manager Sport”(TMS)

4 modules :

  • Creating the conditions for high-performance
  • Co-coaching – training efficiently
  • High-level training and prophylaxis
  • Performance analyst


5 specific certificates :

  • "Managing a high-performance project"
  • Fitness coaching certificate
  • Return-to-sport programmes
  • European fitness coach training
  • Hypoxia  


1 Executive Master :

  • "High-performance trainer"