The nutritional support strategy put in place by INSEP makes it possible to meet athletes’ demands and raise awareness among athletes, trainers and conditioning coaches on the importance of a diet tailored to the specific needs of each athlete to perform at their highest level. At the training sites, during competitions, online and on social media, as well as directly at INSEP’s cafeteria, INSEP’s various departments, starting off with the Performance Division’s nutrition unit, are committed to providing advice and support for the athletes. Through individual appointments or collective initiatives at the training sites, these regular exchanges with the athletes and their support teams make it possible to create specific nutritional protocols in line with the requirements of each sport, while taking into account each athlete’s physical profile and dietary tastes.

At INSEP’s cafeteria, the athletes living on site are offered a wide variety of dishes, with cooking methods, seasoning and side dishes that have been rethought: grilled fish, carvery, Asian dishes, various pasta dishes...Liaising with INSEP’s catering partner, R2C, the recipes are tailored to athletes’ needs, during training and competition periods. All the nutritional information for the different categories of food offered is available in the restaurant, to supplement the information provided to the athlete by their coaches.