Mental dimension

To optimise performance, more and more athletes, coaches and managers have decided at one time in their career to benefit from support. Mental preparation, psychological support for performance, mental visualisation, stress management, coaching…These are just some of the different and often complementary approaches available today for athletes and their support teams who have clearly understood the benefits of incorporating them into their preparations, in the same way as medical, physical, tactical or technical aspects.

The mental dimension support programme for elite athletes at INSEP is based on a dedicated unit, which brings together all of INSEP’s experts (clinical psychologists, mental coaches, APPI certified coaches (learn more), psychology researchers, etc.). This organisation makes it possible to centralise requests, optimise and individualise responses, and pool the experience and expertise of INSEP’s professionals. INSEP also draws on the know-how of renowned experts, such as the sports psychologist Meriem Salmi, who is in charge of supporting the teams to develop their skills and also works with certain priority athletes.