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A week dedicated to mental dimension

From November 23 to 26, 2021, a week dedicated to mental dimension and performance support took place at INSEP, based around a national seminar followed by an international conference.

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Over sixty professionals working in the mental dimension area within sports federations, INSEP and the centers of the Grand INSEP network attended the national "mental dimension" seminar on November 23 and 24. On this occasion, the deliverable entitled "Supporting the implementation of the mental dimension", that was thought and written through the reflection of three working groups set up by the Grand INSEP network, was presented.

This seminar also enabled to collaboratively build the first plans for action to implement and to make this work operational on the national territory. The aim is to provide an efficient support to high-level athletes in the field of mental health.

Similarly, November 25 and 26 were devoted to the International Conference on Mental Dimension, an event that brought together numerous international experts, coaches and athletes. Four major sessions marked these two days:

  • The management of uncertainty
  • The role of the psychologist in the Paralympic environment
  • The vision of the coach
  • The evolution of performance support tools

Integrating a multidisciplinary approach, the conference was organized in different formats, combining round tables, short thesis displays and presentations of performance support strategies related to the mental dimension aspect.

Many psychologists, mental trainers and high performance actors from the Grand INSEP network were able to attend this international conference and benefit from the rich exchanges and sharing of experience with international experts, coaches and high-level athletes.

Objective : optimizing the performance of French elite athletes through a mental dimension and performance support.

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