Toyota: new official partner of INSEP

Mobility has always been a concern for INSEP, which logically wanted to join forces with Toyota to imagine and implement new solutions for travel within and outside its campus. The aim of this new partnership, which stems from a shared vision of combating atmospheric pollution, is to deploy the most advanced technologies in the field of mobility, particularly hydrogen, a clean energy source.

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The partnership between INSEP and Toyota is the perfect illustration of a common determination to adapt to new lifestyles accessible to all our different publics (athletes, management teams and staff) through concrete activities:

  • A car-sharing experiment will be launched for INSEP staff, with the provision of hybrid vehicles and access to the dedicated application connected to the vehicles' control units.
  • Four electric charging stations will be installed on the INSEP site and made available to the fleet of Toyota electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles, and will also allow all visitors and residents to recharge their vehicles during their visit: private cars, bicycles, scooters, etc.
  • A fleet of electric and rechargeable hybrid vehicles will be made available to INSEP staff, with hydrogen fuel cells, minibuses and city cars for passenger transport.
  • Eventually, a hydrogen station could be installed on the INSEP campus. This ambitious project, which requires an in-depth preliminary study, would make it possible to supply useful energy for the vehicles in the fleet, but also to meet the needs of the site and the people of Ile-de-France.

This partnership is a twofold necessity, that of reintegrating ourselves into a positive social dynamic and of committing our athletes, who travel the world for their sport to compete against other competitors, to a daily eco-mobility   

Ghani Yalouz, director general of INSEP