Réseau grand INSEP, Accompagnement à la performance


Following on from previous meetings of the grand INSEP network, the "Performance and heart rate variability (HRV)" network and the people in charge of HRV organized a seminar on monitoring heart rate variability at INSEP on Tuesday January 23, 2024.

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The issue of individualizing training, by integrating environmental stresses into planning and monitoring, in particular by tracking heart rate variability, is a central one in the broad spectrum of performance.

Participants from INSEP, the Grand INSEP network, federations and the world of research came together to address a number of aspects:

  • the history of VFC
  • protocols for using VFC
  • performance analysis to meet the needs of athletes and coaches
  • INSEP training courses and professionalization days
  • tools used by RGI centers and federations.

The presentations and testimonials led to fruitful exchanges between INSEP, the RGI centers (CREPS Montpellier - CNEA Font-Romeu, CNSNMM Prémanon, CNE-FFTennis, CNE-FFCyclisme) and the federations (FFGymnastique, FFNatation, FFSport adapté, FFHandball). As with the ASTRE network, a community of practice gathering experts (scientific referents, researchers, physical trainers, coaches) in the field of environmental stress, which meets monthly under the guidance of the grand INSEP network, a similar system will soon be set up for heart rate variability.

With seven months to go before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the aim of this meeting was to position itself as a key moment for consolidating high-quality support for sports federations. This gathering therefore represents a further step towards structuring the national network and strengthening ties with the federations.