Memorandum of understanding between INSEP and the Australian Institute of Sports (AIS)

2 years prior the opening ceremony, INSEP and AIS strenghthen their relationship that began in the 90’s, by signing a new historical memorendum of understanding that appears as a real boost for the Australian athletes to enable them to prepare for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in the best possible conditions.

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At the end of July, INSEP and its Australian counterpart have decided to go one step further by allowing their respective athletes to collaborate, exchange, access their respective services and training facilities in order to prepare for not only Paris 2024 but also Brisbane 2032. In this context, this mutual collaboration has been planned to extend over 10 years, the date of the Australian event.

The athletes of both French and Australian teams will be able to compete against each other in the years to come in order to raise their level through a common emulation. It will be the same for the experts of each Institute whether in terms of performance, healthcare or the training of sport managers for a more substainable and respectful sport.

Fabien Canu, Managing Director (INSEP)

Kieren Perkins, Chief Executive Officer at Australian Sports Commission, was present by Fabien Canu’s side for this special and promising occasion. They were accompanied by Mrs Megan Anderson, the Australian Ambassador to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Mrs Paule Ignatio, diplomatic advisor of the French Minister of Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games, Mrs Prisca Ramesh, representing the Sports Ambassador, Laurence Fischer and M. Babak Amir-Tahmasseb, director of the international relations and grand Insep network unit.

The Australian Sports Commission - through the AIS – is committed to creating the best possible environment for success. We made the historical decision after Tokyo to allocate funding for a complete Olympic cycle, which should allow the federations to schedule and anticipate with more security.

Kieren Perkins, Chief Executive Officer at Australian Sports Commission