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Bilan de l'année 2017

• 33 articles publiés dans des revues internationales à comité de lecture
• 26 articles classés Q1 (79% du nombre total de publications) au SCImago Journal Rank Indicator (SJR)
• 4 articles classés Q2 (12%)
• 2 articles classés Q3 (6%)
• 1 article non-référencé au SJR Q4 (3%)

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Derniers articles publiés dans des revues internationales à comité de lecture

  1. Avrillon S, Guilhem G, Barthélémy A, Hug F. Coordination of hamstrings is individual-specific and is related to motor performance. J Appl Physiol;[Epub Ahead of Print].
  2. Avrillon S, Hug F,  Guilhem G. Between-muscle differences in coactivation assessed using elastography J Electromyogr Kinesiol. 2018;21(43):88-94.
  3. Beard A, Ashby J, Chambers R, Brocherie F, Millet GP. Repeated-sprint training in hypoxia in international Rugby Union players. Int J Sport Physiol Perform 2018 [Epub ahead of print].
  4. Beaumatin N, Hauraix H, Nordez A, Hager R, Rabita G, Guilhem G, Dorel, S. Maximal muscle shortening velocity in vivo: effects of pre-activity and initial stretching of the muscle-tendon unit. Scand J Med Sci Sport. 2018;28(4):1361-1370.
  5. Brechbuhl C, Brocherie F, Millet GP, Schmitt L. Effects of repeated-sprints training in hypoxia on tennis-specific performance. Sports Med Int Open 2018 [Epub ahead of print].
  6. Brechbuhl C, Schmitt L, Millet GP, Brocherie F. Shock microcycle of repeated-sprint training in hypoxia and tennis performance: case study in a rookie professional player. J Sports Sci Coaching. 2018;[Epub Ahead of Print].
  7. Brocherie F, Girard O, Millet GP. Updated changes in locomotor activities across periods in an international ice hockey game. Biol Sport. 2018;35(3):261-267.
  8. Brocherie F, Millet GP. "Live High-Train Low" Paradigm: Moving the Debate Forward. Exerc Sport Sci Rev. 2018;46(4):271.
  9. Brocherie F, Millet GP, D’Hulst G, Van Thienen R, Deldicque L, Girard O. Repeated maximal-intensity hypoxic exercise superimposed to hypoxic residence boosts skeletal muscle transcriptional responses in elite team-sport athletes. Acta Physiol. 2018;222(1).
  10. Calmels C, Elipot  M, Naccache L. Probing Representations of gymnastics movements: a visual priming study. Cognitive Sci. 2018;[Epub Ahead of Print].
  11. Calmels C. Beyond Jeannerod’s motor simulation theory. An approach to improve post-traumatic motor rehabilitation. Neurophysiol Clin. 2019;[Epub Ahead of Print].
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  16. Granier C, Hausswirth C, Dorel S, YLe Meur Y. Validity And Reliability Of The Stages Cycling Power Meter. J Strength Cond Res. 2017;[Epub Ahead of Print].
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  18. Hauser A, Trösch S, Steiner T, Brocherie F, Girard O, Saugy JJ, Schmitt L, Millet GP, Wehrlin JP Do male athletes with already high initial haemoglobin mass benefit from ‘live high – train low’ altitude training? Exp Physiol 2018; 103(1):68-76.
  19. Hellard P, Pla R, Rodriguez FA, Simbana D, Pyne DB. Dynamics of the Metabolic Response During a Competitive 100-m Freestyle in Elite Male Swimmers. Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 2018;13(8):1011-1020.
  20. Hollville E, Le Croller V, Hirasawa Y, Husson R, Rabita G, Brocherie F. Effect of prior fatiguing sport-specific exercise on field hockey passing ability. Int J Sport Physiol Perf. 2018;[Epub Ahead of Print].
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  22. Joncherray H. Le paradoxe du sport : entre injonctions de santé et performance de genre. Commentaire de l’article de Louchet, C & Hidri Neys, O, « Les centres de remise en forme « réservés aux femmes » : une injonction normative à la santé d’un nouveau genre ? » Sciences Sociales et Santé. 2018;[Epub Ahead of Print]
  23. Leprince C, D'Arripe-Longueville F, Doron J. Coping in Teams: Exploring Athletes' Communal Coping Strategies to Deal With Shared Stressors. Front Psychol. 2018;9:1908.
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  34. van der Zwaard S, Brocherie F, Kom BLG, Millet GP, Deldicque L, van der Laarse WJ, Girard O, Jaspers RT. Adaptations in muscle oxidative capacity, fiber size, and oxygen supply capacity after repeated-sprint training in hypoxia combined with chronic hypoxic exposure. J Appl Physiol (1985). 2018;124(6):1403-1412.

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