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Introducing the IRMES

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The Institute of BioMedical Research and Epidemiology of Sport (IRMES), at the service of High Level Athletes

This host team (EA 7329) is developing national and international study programs focusing on four major fields of investigation: the pathophysiology of sport, the epidemiology of performance, experimental physiology and prevention through physical or sports activities. It also reinforces the actions carried out by the INSEP Medical Department concerning the prevention and monitoring of high level athletes.

The IRMES creation responds to the will of giving new impetus to the development of the knowledge in medical research applied to sport. The work of IRMES contributes to reinforce the excellence and the influence of INSEP in the areas of sports performance and medical monitoring of athletes in France and around the globe.

Our missions :

• Sports data bases constitution: The aim is to create and develop a database around sport involving life trajectories, training, injury, performance and other criteria specific to each discipline.
• Epidemiological and biomedical research conduct: Produce, publish and disseminate scientific knowledge around sport. We develop epidemiological and biomedical research designed to detect major trends, in order to help coaches, health professionals, physical trainers and teachers in their decisions.
 For Sport: research to identify the major performance parameters. 
• From Sport: research based on sports performance that enable the understanding of the Human capabilities, in all its activities.
• Researcher training: Support and train professionals from different backgrounds: engineering, sports, medical ...
• National and regional research and teaching network animation : Strengthen the place of sports medicine in France, including seminars, conferences and conference cycles organization as well as the results publication in relation with the French Society of Sport Medicine (SFMES).

Our research axes and themes:

The IRMES opens new researches lines devoted to the scientific analysis of the physical or sports practices context and mobility, both for their potential risks and for their health benefits. The question of growth dynamics and optimization cycles is approached from this angle.

Axes :

• Performance Epidemiology
• Sport Physiopathology
• Public Health and Prevention
• Experimental Physiology

Themes : 

 Identification of the performance context
 Individualized support tools and progression profiles
 Biometrics and morphological optimizations
 Performance and longevity
 Risk Management Model
 Internal and external load quantification model
 Performance temporal and spatial evolutions
 Medical monitoring registers of French high level athletes
 Analysis of the incidence / prevalence of injuries
 Health benefits of exercise or sport
 Sport and prevention of aging
 Cell performance and fate during aging
 Multi-scale modeling of performance
 Complex systems optimization


Our team:

Pr. Jean-François TOUSSAINT (RG,W)
Head of the laboratory
Deputy head of administrative and financial affairs
Adrien SEDEAUD, PhD (RG)
Deputy head of Sport Sciences. Performance drivers, training load and injury prevention analysis.

Lab members
Epidemiological monitoring of athletes' health
Life trajectories and follow-up of High Level Athletes
Physiology and metabolism
Pasquale GALLO
Epidemiology of disabled athletes performances
Thibaut LEDANOIS, MSc (RG)
Strategic analysis of performance
Andy MARC, MSc (RG)
Analysis of performance determinants and detection methods
Experimental Physiology & Metabolism
Performance analysis in disabled athletes
Experimental Physiology & Metabolism
Health Sport Consultant

PhD students
Haidar DJEMAI, MSc (RG)
Physiologie Expérimentale & Métabolisme
Arthur LEROY, MSc (@)
Modeling and mathematical analysis of the performance
Training load quantification and injury prevention
Robin Pla, MSc
Polarized training in swimming
Guillaume SAULIERE, MSc (RG)
Analysis of the benefit/risk ratio and determinants of performance in team sports


They came through the IRMES:

ABDALLAH Naoufal, ABIDH Elisa, ALIFANO Enzo, AMADI Hamza, ATOULANE Sarah, AZNAR, REIG Laura, BABONNEAU Robinson, BAH Mamadou Moctar, BATISTA Sarah, BATT Justine, BEKNADJ Lamia, BERTHELOT Geoffroy, BLANCHET Hugo, BONAN  Sabrina, BONNET Magali, BOUCHIGNY Claire, BOUFFET  Maxime, BUJOT  Marie, BUMBA Damien, CASTAGNE Claire, CEDILEAU Aurianne, CHARRON Aude, COHEN Thomas, CRISTOFARI Anne, CROMBEZ Aline, DAWANCE Célia, DEL VECCHIO Scott, DELAROCHELAMBERT Quentin, DELASALLE  Vincent, DENNETIERE Orane, DIOMBERA Bakary, DORSEY Maya, DRAMMEH Alfusainey, FABRER Margot, FALL Sidy, FOEILLET Alexandra, FOULONNEAU Vincent, FOUR Julie, FRANCK Romain, FRANCOIS DIT HARDY Clément, FUGIER Noémie, GALLO Pasquale, GAUDITIABOIS Manon, GONEL Aurel, GRANVORKA Frantz, GRIS Kévin, GROLEAU  Delphine, GUIRGUIS  Thomas, HAIDA Amal, HAMRI Imad, HARLE  Agathe, JOACHIM Laurine, JOHNSON  Stacey, JORDA Lydie, KAILLANI Fatima zahrae, KASPERCZYK Catherine, KASSIM Haoiinda, KRYGER Katrine, LAGRANGE Jean, LECOMTE Alexandre, LEDANOIS Thibault, LEFEUVRE Solène, LEGRAND Quentin, LESUEUR Alban, LHOST Marie, LIGUORI Elsa, LIGUORI  Elsa, LLAJA Rachelle, LUNARD Matéo, MARCK Adrien, MARMOUGET Sacha, MARQUET Laurie-Anne, MASSAL Romain, MENETRIER Adeline, MEURICE Léocadie, MOULIE Loïc, MOURID Mourad, MOUSSA Issa, NGUYEN Thuy, NICLOSSE Thomas, OMOIKE Dylan, PARIA Anne, PAYEN Alexis, PETITJEAN Paul, PIC Camille, POMPEI Alice, POURRIER Jonathan, PRIEUR Kimberley, QUINCHON Sarah, RAVET Louis, RAZAKI Roman, ROLLES Morgane, ROLLIN Ségolène, ROUET Rémi, ROULIOT Paul, ROULLEAU Lénaïc, SAULIERE Guillaume, SAVAJOL Marine, SCHIPMAM Julien, SIMON Claire, TAILLADE-CARRIERE Léa, TAILLANDIER Maïlys, TAUPIN Mildred, THEODORE Hanaé, TORRES  Marina, TOURNIER Pauline, TOURON Julianne, VALLIER Lenny, VANDEVOORDE Lucyle, VANIER Tiphaine, VIALLERON Thomas, VIJEYALINGAM Arvinth, VITIELLO Damien, VUAILLAT David ...

Contact us:

• IRMES,  Institut de Recherche bioMédicale et d'Epidémiologie du Sport
  11, av. du Tremblay
  75 012 Paris

• Phone. +33 (0)1 41 74 41 29

• Fax. +33 (0)1 41 74 41 75

• e-mail: irmes@insep.fr


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