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As a Top partner of INSEP, Adidas supports sporting performance and champions the athletes of today and tomorrow within the establishment. 

Technical supporters

Elite formation Kinémed

ELITE FORMATION provides and organises paramedical training courses in collaboration with the physiotherapists and massage therapists working at INSEP. 


EONA, specialises in aromatherapy healthcare products and has been working with INSEP’s medical hub for over 10 years. In particular, the company provides a full range of massage balms and gels containing essential oils specifically formulated for preparing and repairing muscles. 


The international group Essity, specialising in medical equipment relating to restraints, immobilisation, orthopaedics, conventional wound healing and medical compression. It has been supporting INSEP since the mid-1990s, not only by supplying essential equipment to the physiotherapists and massage therapists in INSEP’s medical hub, but also by developing and sharing its expertise. 

Human Tecar by Elite médicale

Listed as an official supplier to INSEP since May 2017, Human Tecar® provides the practitioners at the medical hub with innovative solutions in preventive medicine and the treatment of numerous pathologies using an electromagnetic stimulator that helps the body to recover by stimulating circulation of blood and the lymphatic system and by activating anti-inflammatory responses and natural healing processes. 


Linkedin supports athletes through their transition from the world of sport to the world of work by offering tailored training courses on how to use professional social networks.


A partner to INSEP since 2017, OVERSTIM.s has created an energy drink specially formulated for the institute’s elite athletes. Developed as part of a collaboration between the teams of researchers, dieticians and medical experts from INSEP and OVERSTIM.s, the drink has been designed to satisfy the fluid and energy requirements essential to elite athletes. 


INSEP and the international photography school Spéos formed a partnership in 2019 to create a unique and exclusive sports photography programme, enabling students to undergo training in contact with the elite in French sport and learn the ropes of sports photography in just one year. The programme will enable successful students to obtain a level 7 (Europe) official French national qualification in photography. The first year of students to successfully complete the course will be awarded the qualification in September 2020. 


As an official supplier to INSEP for many years now, Weleda enables the entire medical team, and in particular the physiotherapists, to use a wide range of products, including massage oils, on elite athletes.